Charles, Nothing on televi



Nothing on television is 30i because there is no such thing as 30i. Everything that is broadcast is 60i.


Charles is right. Whether you want native 24p or 24p with pulldown depends on what you’re doing in post and what you’re delivering to.

Yes, you can upload 24p to the web, but computer screens generally work at 30p. So 30p is ideal. If you what you’re doing, you can work in native 24p and add the proper pulldown when you’re finished editing so you get 30p for the web, but maintain the look of 24p.

Disregard anyone who says you should go with native 24p simply because higher end TVs support native 24p and some viewers will be able to tell the difference. Anyone who sits in front of the TV and complains about the frame rate is a tool.

24p doesn’t cause stuttering either. Sure, it’s a slightly choppier, blurrier look, but that’s different from stuttering. If the editor is experiencing stuttering playback, they’re computer is not properly equipped.

I know that most folks transcode with Neoscene […]because there are (were?) problems with Vegas’ internal de-interlacing. However, supposedly this takes up a HUGE amount of hard drive space.

This doesn’t make sense all over the place.

People transcode because Vegas doesn’t de-interlace well? You’re talking about working with 24p. It has nothing to do with interlaced video.

Second, even if Vegas deinterlaced your footage, de-interlacing shouldn’t really be changing the file size.

Third, if it did make larger file sizes, so what? Get a bigger hard drive. You’re talking about upgrading a camera but you don’t have money to throw down for a larger hard drive?

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