Charles – very muchenjoyed


Charles – very muchenjoyed the review of the HP Z800 workstation and especially your last paragraph since the Z800 is more than I can spend or need to spend, however the Z400 is within the budget: <<You can configure one for $2788 that includes a 475W 85% efficiency power supply, an Intel Xeon W3520 2.66GHz quad-core processor, an NVIDIA Quadro FX1800 video card, 6GB of ECC RAM, a 160GB 7200 rpm SATA boot drive and a 500GB 7200 rpm SATA data drive, a tray-loading 16x DVD burner, a FireWire card, an eSATA bulkhead connector, USB keyboard and mouse.>>

I am new to editing and in need of a new computer and monitor. Is there a monitor that you would suggest with the Z400?


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