Charles’ suggestion about


Charles’ suggestion about the 1080 to 720 sounds like a good one. I liked the final better, as you said,a few more camera angles helped tighten up on the subjects. I should have been more specific about the distraction- the monitor in the background kept drawing my eyes to it (could be just me). Maybe a less bright screen would help or angled away from the direction of the camcorder.The lighting on the background was just enough to show some detail without being too bright to distract except for the shot near the end as you tighten up on the interviewer showing the contents on the desk behind him (water bottle etc.) If you have the time before rolling on the actual interview, have the subjects talkback and forthand practice shooting and check the framing of the shots that you plan to use andnotice howeverything shows, background objects, light on subjects (enough to make them stand out from the background, etc. Some of this might just make some usable b-roll especially some reactions of one subject as the other is talking. I’m not trying to be critical, just trying to help youimprove onawell-shot interview. Keep shooting.

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