Charles, I haven’t a


 Charles, I haven’t any experience with the camera you have chosen but I have heard good things about it. I can give you some info from my experiences shooting my son’s basketball games as well as other paying gigs doing same. From my experience, I tried to get to the games early to get a spot as near to center court and at the top level fo the bleachers. Using a tripod (with fluid head if possible but not necessary) will give much better results and save on shooter’s fatigue. Set tripod as high as possible to shoot over the crowd. You may have to stand on the top bench seat to see the screen. I tried to shoot from court level but you have to choose one end (offense or defense?) or enlist another camerman. One things that I had to teach myself was to have the camera follow the action and not just my head turning to follow the ball. Start with lens on wide angle and as skill develops you can tighten in on the action. You will probably have to suppress your urge to cheer (or at least inappropriate remarks to the refs). Good luck with your shooting you will probably have a great highlight reel. Keep shooting.

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