Charging for the edit would


Charging for the edit would depend on what they want you to do with it. Consider how many hours are involved to finish the job, how many cameras you need to cut together, what the finished product would look like, how many graphics need built and what the final product will be delivered on. (i.e. dvd or blu-ray, or???)  If you overcharge them they might go elsewhere or give you a negative reference. I'm only putting this in a seriously large ballpark, but I would charge them about what I charged for the original shoot. But that's just me and my workflow.


As for the rights… I use a contract that is signed before-hand that outlines all the details of the job. This includes who owns the rights to do what with the product. I always reserve the rights to use my wedding work (stills and video) to promote my own business. You can find copies of contracts online and write your own based on those, although it is ALWAYS better to have a lawyer sign off on it before you put it into service.


Remember that not all rights are created equal. It would be worth it to clarify what they mean exactly by 'the rights' so you know what's on the line. Again, it's a balance between happy client and good word of mouth against having a beautiful and semi-famous couple on your wedding reel.

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