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The Vegas 11 uses the GPU of video card for acceleration. You need a pretty high quality Video card is my experience. I have an nvidia 8800 GTS 512MB card using an Express 1x slot on motherboard and I experienced a lot of CTD.

One thing I did that really helped when I was getting a lot of crashes. I shut down my computer and removed the video card and made sure it was seated very well in the slot. I do think when the VC has been in the slot for awhile it must develop some misconnection. I cleaned the connections on card and made sure it was seated as it should be.

Also, I cleaned all the cooling vents on Processor and cleaned all the fans. I have all fans going at high speed. Also, my nVidia VC has a tool called ntune, I downloaded from nvidia that lets me manually control the fan speed of the VC. It was defaulting at 37% now I run a 100%.

I do have good report. I have only had one crash in past two weeks since I did the above.

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