Cgaif,I will try help you


I will try help you out as well. I will try to address the issues you brought up in your last post.

1. His comment was speaking about your internal harddrive. Basically now-a-days there are 2 speeds at which the internal SATA cords travel at, 3 Gbps and 6 Gbps. Birdcat is just trying to determine if you have a 3 Gbps or 6 Gbps connection. It would not matter to most people, but to video editors who stream multiple HD sources at once, this can sometimes be a limitation. The 6 gb/s speed is recommended. I can see from your motherboard that it only supports 3 Gbps speeds, so you don’t need to worry about this at all.

2. Point number 2 you brought up in your last comment, you really shouldn’t have a problem with at all.

(also birdcat, the 1 gb of ram he was referring to was his video cards ram)

So here is what I recommend. It would be best for you to get a smaller internal harddrive or Solid State Drive and put your operating system on that, then use your 1 Tb harddrive for your HD files. If you don’t want the hassle of moving your OS around, I would simply buy and install another internal harddrive. Internal is your best bet for performance and price. The reason why I recommend buying another seperate internal harddrive for editing is because harddrives are limited by their spinning speed. Having one internal harddrive run your operating system and another handle your HD content will give you the best performance.

Right now I wouldn’t even recommend using your USB 2.0 external harddrives at all for anything other than normal files and archival of your footage. This method would work with old standard definition files, but USB 2.0 can seriously bottleneck your performance when it comes to HD. Though it will be more expensive you can upgrade to USB 3.0 harddrives, eSATA, Firewire is a dying interface and from what I’ve heard is advertised to be faster that it usually is. Your other option could be to throw away your computer and buy a mac with Thunderbolt!

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