CG stands for Character Ge


CG stands for Character Generation/Character Generator. It basically is refers to adding graphics like you mentioned to video programs. CG refers to the graphics that you see on videos or television and full page graphics as well as lower third graphics, Items used for naming the person talking on camera.

Some in the industry call the graphics by the following:

Name keys
lower thirds
or Supers (for naming folks)

other names are
Info pages
Full page
CG (for full screen graphics)

In the past for video production you used to have to have a CG (a stand alone character generator device or machine) to produce graphics but that is no longer the case. Programs like Photoshop, an image editing program can make the graphics that the CG would normally make.

Some tv stations do still use CG’s, a seperate device that generates graphics. Many non-linear editing programs have Title Tools which are basically built in CG’s.

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