cfx, AMEN on the civility


cfx, AMEN on the civility on these forums! I have used a tripod dolly with some success. I setup to the side of the aisle near the front with tripod on dolly set high enough to view over the audience for the bridesmaids. As the brides time approaches, I roll into position near the center of the aisle in front and catch the escort and bride. As they near the front I carefully retreat to the side again, sometimes  with the groom in the background for reaction shot. For this to succeed a number of things must fall into place. There has to be enough room up front and the floor surface needs to be hard and smooth enough for the dolly to roll. If you attend the rehearsal, you should get a handle on this. The dolly/tripod set up will be your active cam and with the dolly you should be able to get in position for a number of the other shots. Good luck.

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