Cfoster, Dude you’re start



Dude you’re starting to over-think this. What is it you want to do? If you plan on shooting stuff for broadcast tv or serious DVD distribution a $700 camera isn’t going to get you where you need to be.

Do you already have clients lined up? If so, what are they asking for? What is your planned distribution format? I do believe it has been mentioned that for standard DVD and web based formats 30p is just fine. Shooting in 24p is a creative choice not a requirement.

You said you want something that will play well on the web and TV again 30p is your ticket. Leave off the ‘cinema modes’ and ‘digital zooms’ and all of that other junk that comes with consumer cameras. All that stuff gets in the way. Your order of priority for basic shooting is; Recording format, recording framerate, exposure, focus, point at the subject, turn on the recorder and turn it off when you get the shot. Do your best to keep it simple.

Give AVCHD a wide berth as it is highly compressed and has issues during editing despite many popular nle software being able to handle it. You’re just getting started, don’t make things harder for yourself upfront. I’m also reticent about HDD cameras as a primary rig. Harddrives fail and if anything goes wrong with it, the camera makes a fine paperweight or projectile. Your better options are tape or flash media cards. both are tried and true methods for recording and either media is much easier to download and back up your footage.

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