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1080i isn’t bad if your outputting for broadcast TV. In some ways it’s a more detailed image than 1080p but the trend is moving toward progressive scan and away from interlaced video. For DVD and the web progressive scan is the way to go.

Truthfully, just starting out you might consider getting a good prosumer DV rig like a GL2, XL2 or similar class camera of another brand. It would save you some money and the requirements for editing DV footage aren’t as stringent as HDV or HD. You could still make ‘quality’ DVD’s using the old format. However, the prices for consumer/prosumer HD cameras have fallen and the quality of the imagery has risen, so if you can manage the acquisition of a properly HD spec’d NLE workstation or laptop then HD is also a good option.

So if you’re not interested in the ‘Flip’ type cameras, then be prepared to spend in the neighborhood of $500 – $1800 for an HD camcorder suitable for your current skills and expected output. I’d steer clear of AVCHD format cameras as the format can be troublesome to edit. BTW, I think I found your ‘$800’ camera. check out the following link;

It’s tape only (SD card is for images), but it should serve your immediate purposes well. It has a full 1080i recording mode and a smaller 1440 x 1080 mode but the specs don’t specify whether that’s interlaced or progressive. You’ll have to go the manufacturer’s website and check the specs.

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