Certainly solid state card


Certainly solid state cards are the future. I’m with Rob on a Harddrive camera. Anything goes wrong and you’ve got a nice paperweight to lug around. I also agree yet differ with JMM. Having worked with high-end pro cameras for years he’s absolutely right about the exponential differences between pro and mini-dv. However, if as many who ascribe to these posts don’t have access to such expensive gear mini-dv is an excellent solution. Portable harddrives are much more attractive for now despite their cost. Firestore’s start out at 40GB and go to 100GB. Unlike the card based solutions they aren’t tiny and are much harder to misplace.

It’s good that solid state card prices are going down which will make them more attractive as time goes on. I actually still like tape however, because of the solutions it is still (so far) the cheapest and most stable avenue for storage. We currently store all of our digitized footage on external drives, but keep the original footage on tape. Now that we’ve transitioned to HD that’s still a workable option. I personally have been eyeballing the JVC camera Earl mentioned and the Canon 5D MarkII since both are card based only, storing original footage will still be an issue.

My question is; great as all of this new solid state tech is, what about the ability to validate footage? If there is a question of imagery shot on film, you can always go back to the original roll or reel. Same with video tape if you want to check for tampering. With the ease of transferring video footage from card to harddrive, how tough will it be to verify an original shot from a ‘doctored’ one?

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