Celtx is a great program a

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

Celtx is a great program and the storyboard section is pretty decent. Since I cannot draw anything more than stick figures is difficult to illustrate what I want to say with my awful drawing. I also began looking for that storyboard software, but many of them are a little expensive for my budget. So I start experimenting using Google SketchUp as my “storyboard software”. It works pretty good and since you make a complete 3D model of the location you can place your talent any way you like (I use a 3D Human dummy that I downloaded from SketchUp 3D warehouse as my talent), position the cameras and play with the camera angles. Its pretty effective and best of all SketchUp is free. Of course you spend hours building a 3D model that will not look like a real building (if you are not a hardcore expert in SketchUp), but at least it illustrate the location and gives a better idea of what you want to express. After you have your model move around and position the view similar to the camera angles you like and export it as a 2D Graphic (.jpeg) Then go to Celtx storyboard and import the pictures.

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