CCD equipped cameras will


CCD equipped cameras will usually do a better job with swish pans, panning and related movements over CMOS equipped units. That’s why I remain focused (no pun intended) on acquiring the Panasonic HMC 150 before end of 2010, over the HMC 40 (CMOS) and JVC’s competing unit that is loosely comparable to the 150. Canon, IMHO is overpriced, and I personally have no use for interchangeable lenses, having learned my lesson with purchasing the Canon XL1 series – not that there’s anything inherently wrong with having lens choices (provided you can afford the luxury of owning several) but for my primarily EVENT production focus, including youth sports, I’ve found the fixed lens ratios to be more or less acceptable for my shooting needs.

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The best laptops for video editing — 2021

For video editors, finding the perfect portable workstation is like catching a unicorn. It is no easy task to find the perfect balance of performance vs price point.