Caveman Wrote:Thanks tom f


Caveman Wrote:

Thanks tom for all the info and its nice to hear from someone with AK shooting experience.
I looked at the vx2100 as you recommended and it is a nice camera with lots of features i would love to have but a couple things hold me back.
Lack of 24p and I ahve heard the XL1s is better in low light.

If 24p is not essential for indie films then i guess its not so bad but i’ve heard such good things it has become almost an essential requirement.

Im still looking at these 3 cameras and now VX2100, any more ideas or cameras i’ve missed?

Canon XL2(my favorite but pricey), Canon GL2 (features im not so sure about but much cheaper), Panasonic AG-DVX100(dont no enough about it, cheap but also in limited availability)

If your looking at the VX2100, take a look at the PD170 too.

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