“… Cash flow can keep th


“… Cash flow can keep the economic wolves at bay until better times….”


Well said sir! In a post long ago I said that going into business for yourself was like “jumping into the Shark Tank.” Well, now there’s way more folks ‘thrashing’ about next to you and a lot more sharks! I have to admit that when times were good, though I was frugal I still managed to take a great deal for granted. Hustling for the elusive but worth it corporate gigs is a lot harder these days, but I’ve been doing my best to keep my ‘flotation device’, ‘knife’ and ‘speargun’ in working order.

Disbarring complete worldwide calamity, things will improve but unfortunately it’s going to take time. The biggest issue for those of us ‘Micro-businesses’ (seeing how the government doesn’t qualify us as ‘small’) is as you mentioned that the major lending institutions are holding onto the cash ‘we lent them’ like it’s their money in order to keep their accounts in the black. I could kind of see that back in ’09 when they were all paying back the loan given them. But now, most have cleared their debt to us and are making record profits (must be nice!) Now is the time to free up that money and get the ball rolling again.

Until that happens, we’re all going to have to deal with the whole ‘I can do that video for you really cheap’ attitude from the ammy’s flooding in who don’t understand that in order to justify the expenses of gear and man-hours used in the process of making videos must be taken into account and paid for. All they see is ‘$500 per-video’ and not understand or care that same video may well be worth 3x or more at a reasonable rate. Of course many of them realize it when they’re dog-tired from cranking out vids for little money and they don’t have enough cash to get gear fixed, repaired or upgraded in order to keep working.

One thing is sure, if customers see nothing but crap for cheap they’ll accept it until they see quality work for just a little bit more. Our jobs as professionals is to keep customers informed as to why they should pay more for our services and let our work reinforce it. One good thing about the ‘Tube is I love finding comparable (and God-awful) vids and compare them to what I do. The lights come on real quick! I have every intention of still being afloat in ‘the tank’ after the sharks have stuffed themselves with a few scars and a few sets of boiled shark jaws to hang on my wall!

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