Capturing through a Kona c


Capturing through a Kona card is no faster than capturing though firewire, and it’s because tape has to be captured in real-time. What the Kona card provides is a means for capturing, conversions during ingest, conversions during output, and monitoring.

“What if we purchased that second LCD with an HDTV tuner internally; would that, connected to the Kona LHi, be a reasonable choice as an external monitor?”

I’m not sure what you mean exactly, but if it’s basically an HDTV that you want to connect via the Kona card, then that should be an OK solution if you cannot afford a broadcast monitor – they are quite expensive. But if your friend is going to be editing SD, then he should connect an SD TV to the Kona. You should be able to connect both an HD and SD TV to the Kona card at the same time actually.

There are a few reasons you may want a deck. First, it’s better for your camera. Some decks may be expensive, but if your camera goes bad, replacing it may cost more than buying a deck to begin with. It’s like one of those situations where if you don’t spend a little more now, you may end up paying a lot more later. Also, a decent deck should be more robust than the camera. Second, a deck with SDI and/or component outputs allows you to connect to a Kona card and capture as ProRes. You will still want to connect the deck to your computer with a firewire too, but only for deck control so that you can control the deck from FCP rather than have to push buttons on your deck while you’re using it.

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