Capturing footage from a t


Capturing footage from a tape to your computer, whether or not it’s SD or HD, happens in realtime, or in other words it takes as long to get it onto the computer as it took you to get it on to tape. That’s one of the downsides to tape based recording.

HD video is a lot crisper than SD, but it’s also a lot more finicky. If you have a camera that only shoots in SD, then your best bet is to record footage by the lowest common denominator, and shoot SD footage from all your cameras. DVD and VHS players can only play SD quality anyway, so anything you shoot in HD will have to be converted down for that.

As far as color goes, every camera is going to vary a little, and so you’ll want to do a manual white balance at your location. That will pull most of your colors closer together, but you may still need to adjust your colors in post to get it perfect if you have different brands of camera.

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