Capture settings can be on


Capture settings can be one of the greatest barriers in determining the quality of capture. If the format is MPEG-2 TS (format of HDV camcorders), then you should capture in MPEG-2 TS (transport stream) quality. You also shouldn’t be tricked by the quality of preview. Numerous times, I’ve let my judgement of quality suffer due to the degraded quality of preview. The preview quality does not affect the final output, but rather serves as a scope in which you preview your video while editing. Your preview box may have the option for adjusting quality.

In Sony Vegas Pro 9, there’s a drop box for adjusting the preview to Good, Better, Best, Full, or Auto. Your software may also lack support for HDV capture, but instead capture using the DV-AVI format which only supports SD video. But if the format is equivalent, the results should not be affected. You could also test this thereom by connecting your camcorder to a TV set via S-Video and see if the result matches.

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