Capt’n I just purchased a


Capt'n I just purchased a 3600 too and am awaiting it's arrival. With the specs you mention ( and I am no expert) you may consider this. The 1620  processor is a hyperthreader the 1607 is not. My experience has been that this helps with speed (it's a math co-processor). On this update of the precision workstation the power supply is easy to remove and change as seen in a few Youtube reviews so I'm betting you could upgrade this later.ECC vs NECC memory ( I bought my memory NECC from another supplier) its really easy to install and I can't say I've had a memory error to date.  Bottom line I like going for the bigger processor and RAM it up as funds allow. If later using an Adobe product get a card on their list. Hope this helps. Good Luck.  

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