Can’t help you in Vegas (I

AvatarLaguna Hiker

Can't help you in Vegas (I use FCP X and PP CC), but the clip you linked to shows some fairly simple keyframing, scaling, and rotating. I'd suggest doing a Google search on Sony Vegas with those terms to see how to do it.


For those not familiar: Keyframing lets you transform a graphic asset on the timeline. You basically set the asset to the size you want to start with, then set a keyframe at the timeline point where you want the transform to begin. Then, set another keyframe at the point where you want the transform to end, and set the ending value for the transform at that point. The software will interpolate intermediate frames for the transform. For a dual transform, such as scaling and rotating at the same time, you set a keyframe pair for each property, one for scaling and one for rotation.


It looks intimidating until you actually play with it a little. Editors typically get the hang of it in a few minutes, and then its really straightforward. Hope that helps!

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