Canon’s Vixia-HF series lo


Canon’s Vixia-HF series look like a truly compelling line of camcorders. I’ve heard good things about the HF-S10 camcorder. Low light performanceseems to be one of its greater falling points, but is in no way overwhelming. At your price range, I’d go with the Canon HF-S10 which shoots 900 lines of horizontal resolution which is equivalent to a lot of professional camcorders. The HF200 probably has a lower resolution, however, as Canon did not state that it could record 900 lines. This means that theHF200 probably willl probably be the better low light performer, however . If you’re shooting outdoors or with extensive lighting, then I’d go for the Canon HF-S10. Otherwise, I’d stick with the Canon HF200 that shoots better in low light.

Canon HF-S10 –

Canon HF200 –

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