Can anyone suggest a camer


Can anyone suggest a camera that may not have all the settings I want, but is cheaper? Please at least manual focus though. Or do any of you have a camera you would like to sell used (this is probably the wrong section, so could you direct me to the correct section)?
I was talking to my dad about all of this, and he wants to try to communicate with one of these scam sites through email and phone (recording the phone calls, and yes letting them know), and seeing if they would lie about things like certified distributor (so not gray items), and make sure it comes with all things in the box, and is new, etc, etc. He thinks if they give the answers we want to hear about this, and we don’t get what we are supposed to, then we sue or something to get our money back? Unfortunately, I think he is mezmorized by these extremely low prices, and I can’t seem to convince him it’s worth putting a few more hundred in and knowing what we will be getting.

On the off chance that my dad is willing to lend me an extra 400 dollars, what do you think of this deal on B&H?
Is that a good XLR adapter? I’ve mainly looked at Beachtek, but this is intreging, especially since this camera really should have an external mic.
I read that this camera is a bit better than the GL2 (in low light at least), but of course, still isn’t as good as the VX2100. Would this be okay for indie films do you think?

Okay, so I know that if you knew these kinds of things, you’d be playing the stock market and be billionairs, but does anyone know if Panasonic does rebates on their cameras, and if so, how often do they usually seem to put them out (like, does anyone think there will be another rebate by the end of the summer?). I was thinking, my best bet might be to look at the Panny DVC30 listed by it self on B&H for ~1800, and wait for a rebate to get another 150-200 off, bringing it about down to my price range. Or do they usually not give a rebate towards the end of the summer like this?

Thanks again, and sorry I’m asking so many questions you can’t answer easily (I know I sound like a n00b, but I assure you, I know what to do behind the camera, just can’t decide on a camera!)!

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