Cameras 1 and 2 are the SA


Cameras 1 and 2 are the SAME camera. I own and professional shoot with a PD-150. It is simple to use and has XLR inputs for good microphone. On my camera, mic 1 is the shotgun mic that comes with the camera and mic 2 is a dynamic mic on a mic stand. If you take the base off the stand you now have a mic pole. (Yes, I am the absolute KING of cheap when it comes to shooting video.)

I have worked with others using a Z1U on two occasions. In standard definition, I was UNDERWHELMED with the Z1Us performance. The PD150 has significantly better low light performance, but REALLY needs a wide angle lens for indoor shooting. You should at least have a fill light as well.

When you get to the final edits, HDV uses mpeg2 file types as opposed to AVI file types for the PD150. Make sure that your editing platform can handle HDV if you plan to go high definition. I also recommend reading “The 30 Dollar Film School” for some fast training. Good luck!

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