Camera breakdown on a trip


Camera breakdown on a trip. Bummer!
At least you can shoot with the eye piece view finder.
I’d be surprised if you have an original manufacterer warranty that lasts more than 1-year.
For one of my 2100s, I lost the data readout function from both LCD and viewfinder. The imaging was fine, but if you were shooting manual, you could only guess at the settings. Because it was in the first 90 days of ownership, it was repaired free at the main Sony repair facility in Laredo TX.
Standard warranties can have limiting language concerning fixes of LCDs. If the problem is in the camera but manifests itself on the LCD (i.e., there is bum data going to the LCD, but the LCD is actually OK, just reflecting the bum data), a warranty may fix the chain of bum data. If the problem is actually the LCD (typically a damaged LCD surface skin), warranty coverage is more iffy.
Could cost you some, but worth it for this cam in my opinion.

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