camcorder – a colloquial


camcorder – a colloquial terms for a camera and recorder in one box. A camera is the bit that captures the image, if you wish to be accurate, but in practice, either term works.

Bigger cameras that have external lenses usually offer better quality because the glass out in front can be bigger and better. Many small cameras have pretty poor lens systems. Bigger formats give more space for controls, sockets and useful things. A tiny camera will usually be full automatic, as there’s no space for big controls for exposure and other functions. Big cameras are often more stable, because of the weight, but need bigger heads and legs to sit on. In the old days, size was because of the tape size, but once it shifted to card recording, the size shrinks. Blackmagic Design have some very small very high quality cameras – but the small ones have reduced features not quality,

Size has nothing to do with shutter speeds – Most very high speed cameras are also very big!

A Range Rover is much bigger than a Smart Car – it’s more expensive too. Both would get you to the shops no problem, but if the shops are on the top of a mountain, the Range Rover would perhaps be the better one to choose with rocks, sand and deep water to navigate. If you only ever go from home to Aldi and back, the Range Rover would hardly be a sensible investment.

six grand give you so much scope once you build your necessary features list – and you do the matching exercise. A feature with a benefit to you is a plus point. A feature with no benefit (to you) a negative one.

You can go for big chips, excellent quality, some decent glass and a dont forget to factor in the support equipment. A 5 grand camera on a 1 grand tripod is about right. A 5900 camera on a 100 tripod is stupid – but sooooooooo many people do it.

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