Caio, Don’t feel bad. I ra



Don’t feel bad. I razz my team quite a bit too! I do that with everyone I expect to see good things from. Don’t forget, you opened ‘the box’ on how young you were! Like Earl, I do envy that you ‘kids’ have access to all of this tech so early as it was a ‘dogfight’ just to get involved with it at all as an adult when I was your age. Back then, at 15 it was all but impossible unless you had realllllly wealthy parents or were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

One thing I don’t envy is how the tech moves so much faster now that kids don’t have the time for their wisdom to catch up to their technical and creative abilities. Hence why you have all of this ‘retardedness’ in regards to ‘sexting’ and now ‘sextortion’!

I also am still quite capable throwin’ down on some serious dance moves! However, ‘head spins’ are off the menu! I’m still paying for doing those….

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