Caio, Being an “old” Navy



Being an “old” Navy guy, I dig the ‘Shippo’ part and may revert from time to time.

No, I didn’t necessarily think there was a mystery that an ‘almost 15 year-old’ had access to good gear. When I was your age, none of this stuff existed. I was a grown man by the time I was fortunate enough to get involved with video/film production and that was in the pro arena. These days this stuff is not only relatively cheap, depending on what you get even the consumer stuff can turn out good looking product if you have an ‘eye’ and some skills.

What used to be the privilege of production houses, broadcast studios and large universities can now be found in public schools and your neighbor’s living room. So I’m not surprised a young fellow like yourself is actively involved in doing video work. Actually I’m quite pleased to see you investing your time in more than whippin’ out ‘digital spooge’ to clog bandwith on the ‘Tube.

You have the rare opportunity to learn how to do this stuff at an early age and should you decide to stick with this as a career, by the time you’ve expanded your knowledge and skill in university or placed yourself into a professional apprenticeship you’ll be way ahead of the curve and many of your future competitors. That doesn’t mean my inner ‘nearly 15 year-old’ isn’t jealous!

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