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Short and sweet, with the software you already have (Vegas Studio) you’ll be able to do sync audio. You’ll need preferably a digital audio recorder like the Zoom H1 with your camcorder. you’ll start them (hopefully at the same time) and then you’ll do an ‘Audio slate’ while both devices are recording. Say at minimum the project name, location name/interviewee name and date then use a ‘Clapper’ if you’ve got one or snap your fingers in front of the lens. You can use that and the peak in the audio waveform in the audio track to sync up your video and audio in the timeline. That’s pretty much it.

Make sure you use a fuzzy muff over your recorder and when using a handheld recorder, take the setting off ‘Auto Levels’ if you can. Doing those two things will help you get cleaner sound that isn’t too hot.

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