@Cadu, I have used Corel V


@Cadu, I have used Corel VideoStudio since version 11.5. At first it was a basic NLE. X3 added many features, in fact it was a complete redesign. But it was still lacking, it was the first version to bring in NewBlue, but only 1 package. X4 had minor improvements over X3. X5 is another major leap. But be aware there are two versions, X5 Pro and X5 Ultimate. Ultimate is the complete deal. I think for a first time purchase you may have to pay at or near $100.00. My feelings, yes VSX5 is more than worth buying, it is an excellent NLE that fits my budget. Granted there are some things that it can’t do, like trace object lining, (get the light saber effect) but it does nearly everything else that a editor will ever need.

It is easier to download and buy the key, if you download; Corel keeps a record of all your software and keys, so even if you loose the download or key you can log into your account and download again and they still have your key.

The download is about 1.5GB then the added updates (I hate the updates, it is called a Do More and a bit cumbersome to learn where it is, not to use, but where it is) will be about another gig. Besides VSX5 I bought Corel Motionstudio 3D which is a title effects engine, with both there is very little that you can’t do, and you still pay under $200.00. Each year the upgrade cost is $50.00.

Do I love Videostudio? Yes, I have tried other NLE and some do have a great deal more options, but I have also been able to figure out how to “create” effects in Corel. I did a great transporter effect in my latest project.

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