By the way I have the copy


By the way I have the copyright to this saga. To continue, the seller called me this morning from Mass. and apologized for what is happening. She offered to take the camera back if I send it into Sony and Sony then decides to charge me for the repairs. She said that she also got onto a forum with her problem and the feedback to her was watch out for the guy who bought the camera. He may have another camera that is defective and that is the one he is going to return to you and then keep yours. So there is 2 sides to every story. She said this was her first sale on Ebay and her last. I believe she is sincere since she called me from Mass. and offered to take the camera back. I am going to send the camera into Sony and hope that they fix it free of charge. If so, then I am happy.

Dave from Minonk, IL.

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