By the way Apple Does noto


By the way Apple Does notown H.264 Is not even owned by apple it belongs to the MPEG group or somtimes called the MPEG consortium .

Apple has bought the rights to develope it and made there own custom version.

And there many bugs with it ; WMV has been proven time agin , and most end user are on a PC not a MAC so it makes sense to put your final format to the Custamer in the format that is more user friendley to them not the editor , regradless of are personal perferance. The Custamer get what he or she wants.

Thats whats nice about Premire I can export AVI or QT. Im not stuck with what Apple wants me to use. I stay away from any propriatyness. Even my captrue system does analog, SD, and HD. Im not stuck eating one apple. When I have a full forest of trees.

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