By now many of you have se


By now many of you have seen the video by Vincent Laforet using the Mk II. His short video literally awoke the industry to the Mk II’s potential for high-end film & television production. This is a prime example of ‘not waiting’ to get gear or learn the workflow. This guy was a photographer not a videographer or cinematographer! Yet, he literally established the basic shooting techniques and workflow from location to post. Now everone interested in this is playing catch-up. Already, Canon has worked out the auto-manual exposure bug with a new firmware update. It won’t be long before the 12 minute buffer limit goes away too. This video was shot and edited in 72 hours and it set the industry on its ear. Vincent Laforet is now considered a Digital Cinematographer and has been doing video productions using the Mk II since. Something to think about. In the meantime, enjoy the video.

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