Bwsab, I agree with the other


Bwsab, I agree with the other posters. Using a lav works well. I mic the groom with a omni-directional lav and put a Zoom H2 in his pocket. I start it recording close to the start of the ceremony (don't trust the groom to press start), make sure that you plug in earphones to test the pickup of the location of the lav before you hide the wire and tuck the recorder out of sight. I have found that this picks up the groom and the bride well.I think if you mic the minister you might miss some interesting audio between the couple as they approach the alter, light unity candle, exiting, etc. Others on this site have suggested some good brands of wireless lav setups, this will save you the trouble of syncing in post but costs more money. I use a omni lav from Radio Shack (~$30.00) plugged into the H2 and get good results. Keep shooting.

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