Buying used may seem like


Buying used may seem like a good idea when your going strictly on price, though here are a few things to consider.

1. Most cameras don’t keep track of how many hours they have on them, so chances are if you are getting one used for a good price it has a lot of hours. ie (it might look good cosmetically but mechanically it is like a car with 200,000 miles).

2. The tape heads aren’t meant to last forever, so you might find a repair cost of both time and money ($400 or so) very soon after purchasing it.

3. I’ve never purchased from B&H used, they are great for buying new, but I really have no idea how thourogh their testing procedure is for used equipment, and there’s probably not much of a warrenty.

Final thought, if you can hold off to buy it new it will be like unwrapping a present πŸ™‚ and when I just bought one I got a 3 year protection plan on it (very nice for using it as much as I do).


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