But, Parkansky, there are


But, Parkansky, there are probably MANY more restraints to being in business for yourself as opposed to working for the other person. Essentially, when you are off the clock, your time is YOUR time, not the company’s. More than likely you will find your “company” involvement as an independent business person to be something close to 24/7 in a whole slew of ways.

Probably, the most difficult thing a self-employed, or independent businessperson has to contend with is his/her work ethic. If we do not put in the same rigid (more or less) routines with our own businesses as we did with our previous employers, if we start “sleeping in” or working later into the night, or taking unscheduled days off because we’re simply not in the mood to work, if we actually back off a gig because we’re ill, tired or missed because we overslept, we in deep poop my friend. The luxury of having specified time for work on a timeclock, where the rest of the week is ours is simply NOT present in independent business operations.

I’m here to tell you that you are flat WRONG about insurance costs as well, not to mention hospitalization and health, life, accident, but fire, theft, liability, etc. as well. You will discover that out-of-pocket premiums for all the insurances you SHOULD have as a business far exceed your imagination – something that can be to the tune of a couple thousand a month and STILL not the best of policies. You really need to reasearch the realities of the costs of doing business and insurance is only ONE tiny facet of it.

If you, and Imagep cannot grasp that time is money, that the time you spend actually working, is eqivalent and the same as if you had to pay someone else to do the work, you are NOT understanding the realities of the costs involved in doing business, or how profit is conceived, or counted on the bottom line.

Again, there’s a huge gap between what some people apparently WANT to believe about the true costs and realities of running a business, and what it is. Mistakes will possibly point out some of the differences, but at what costs of the ignorance going in?

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