“But it is my firm belief,


“But it is my firm belief, conviction and faith in Apple Computers and the Mac environment that the program overall will be well worth the wait for a system update or five. Perhaps those who purchase a copy toward the end of the last quarter of 2011 will begin to sing some praises and not be lobbing so many verbal grenades.” – Earl

Unfortunately, people have been waiting a long time already. When you consider FCS wasn’t much of an upgrade from FCS2, Apple has had since 2007 to get their act together. If you work in post production and you’re more than a one-man-band, this is terrible.

At first, I bought the argument “This is a V1 release. Just give it time.” The reality is, it isn’t a V1 release. Saying that implies it’s the first time Apple has made an NLE. The fact is, FCP has been around for over 10 years. They KNOW what basic functions editors need.

If you work by yourself, this is probably good enough. But if you own a business with multiple editors and create content for broadcast or other high-end content, this is a step backwards.

Apple has had plenty of time to fix the areas where FCP has been falling behind. Those areas are much more important than a UI overhaul.

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