but for this i am consider


but for this i am considering using a truck with a liftgate, lowering the gate, putting on my climbing harness and chest harness and then strapping in to the bumper (while going around 60).

Is that legal?

Also all of these shots are stuff like rim shots and such, I cant really do it from a camera mounted on the car and I cant do it out of a window.

If you don’t want to purchase additional equipment, you could get in the back of the pickup and try shooting there. If you wanted low shots, and felt really daring/stupid you could put the camera on the tripod, and hold the tripod upside down over the side to get your low shot…but I don’t recommend it, especially with such an expensive camera as the XL2.

But I wouldn’t do it out of a truck, I’d do it out of the pickup if possible.[/quote]

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