“But ARE you making anythi


“But ARE you making anything? And, if not, how long do you intend to offer this free service before trying to monetize it?”

I’m not looking to make any money at it till I retire this summer andhave more time to doit. I just got my first invite to shoot aninterior this weekafter putting some exterior shots up on my website a few weeks ago, and thought to share it with other videographers who may be interested in making real estate videos.

“I mean, after a very short period, seems it would not be a good way to pursue developing an income-generating service. Hard to move from “free” to charged service if you do it too long.”

That’s true but I’m not much of a salesman or hustler and others may generate more income shooting videos than I ever do. I’m more of an advertising and promotion kind of guy and as interested in developing a national network of real estate videographers as making the videos myself.

“The person bringing you back for interior shots, did you get paid for doing that?”

Naw, I told him I’d do it for free since he was very encouraging and my first customer. He’s a broker and I’m interested in repeat business.

“Just curious how you intend to convert this to a money maker, much less profitable business enterprise.”

Based on the laws of supply and demand the more demand I can create for my video services the more I can charge. I’m not concerned about that in the least.

What do you think about the quality of the shots? Professional, semi-professional or entirely inadequate and amateurish?

The exteriors are the most difficult to do since there is a lot of truck traffic on Broadway during the week and they block your view when double-parked or just stopping at a traffic light. Looks like Saturday and Sunday will be my exterior shooting days. I was rather pleased with the way the interiors turned out and feel like I have found a good way to get my foot in the door of the real estate video business.

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