BUEYEHL Wrote:Hey all, Ju



Hey all,

Just finished videoing an event. I am now in the editing process putting some finishing touches on it. I’m using ulead mediastudio pro as well as ulead cool 3d. I am running into a slight problem. When I use the cool 3d as well as the CG that came with the bundle, the letters and titles are sharp and crisp and looks good as gold, but when I add them to the video and preview what I got the titles look blurry and gritty. It’s ugly. How can I keep my titles crisp and sharp in the video? Is there something I need to tweek of what?

If you render the cg and it still looks like crap, I would have to say that the problem is your medium. VHS makes everything look like crap. But that’s just my opinion. If you can switch to a new format then switch.

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