budguy 68, a) use h2 audio


budguy 68, a) use h2 audio, b) use camera audio, c)fix a) or fix b). I would suggest c). Two ways to go: 1) try to get rid of the distortion ( h2 audio)in the singer’s voice by using some audio software or 2) bump up the strength of the audio (in camera audio). 1) If you let us know what audio software you are using, perhaps someone familiar with that software can give you specific instructions. 2) You might try copying your audio track and pasting the copy on another audio track below the original, if your nle software allows that or opening a copy of the audio track in your audio software and boosting it there and then bring it back to your nle. As far as using the H2 in a similar situation, others here have posted suggestions about this. They suggest not hooking the H2 directly to the sound man’s setup. They placed their H2 in the’sweetspot’ in front of the speakers. I’m not sure how you determine this spot but I guess monitoring with headphones while the band is warming up. I have never had my videocamera show this type of vibration with the bass. The only thing I can suggest is to keep away from the force of the speakers if possible, experimenting while the band is warming up. I know being a one-man-show while shooting video is tough but if you can move from one cam to the other using one to catch audience reactions while the music is playing or sert up one cam to catch the audience from the front. This would give you some b-roll to add in to cover when something like the bass vibration occurs. Keep shooting.

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