Bucket, Whooboy! That’s a



Whooboy! That’s a ‘Ghetto’ setup if I ever heard of one! Premeire Pro 1.5? And your Co’ wants you to shoot training films and all with little or no experience/training? I suppose they aren’t willing to pony up some cash to send at least one of you off to a training seminar to learn how to do this? Oh brother! This is typical of the ‘well all you need is a camera’ mindset.

Well at least you’re putting in the time to do proper research. Okay, be advised; other posters are going to give you models of cameras you can use for your projects. That’s fine, but the info will probably give you a headache. Truthfully, I say stick with the camera you already have as long as it is functional and get some training DVD’s about basic video production, camera work, writing for video and editing. Watch them, do the tutorials and go from there. You can spend a ton of money on gear, but if you don’t know what to do with it you’ll still be at square one. VM has a lot of really good training materials, but first start digging through their short online training videos to get yourself pointed in the right direction.

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