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First of all I dont want to come off as a MAC basher but 99.999% of the time, there are two sides to every story. I have a very good friend who has his own professional photography business that uses nothing but MACs. He mentioned way back that when it comes to digital photo and art work you cant beat a MAC. Way back then I had to agree with him but in the last few years Im not sure Im as inclined to think so anymore. PCs with Windows have made significant advancements in both digital photo and digital video media software solutions. The net result is that there are arguments for both platforms and in the end I guess it just comes down to user preferences.

I have used PCs since computers were made available to the general public and I cant really say that I have had too many abnormal problems. You just need to stay on top of things such as driver updates, hardware upgrades, virus protection and general PC maintenance. Granted because the Windows platform seems to be the favorite of the two OSs out there, sickos who create viruses tend to target them the most. If you take measures against this you shouldnt have a problem.

Just a quick note about Pinnacle: I built my brother an exact duplicate of a computer that I have two of. He decided to install Pinnacle on his PC because I think he got it bundled with something else and he has nothing but problems with it. I on the other hand use Adobe Premier Pro and I have absolutely NO problems with it whatsoever. Premiere is also way more powerful than Pinnacle too. Ive read about others on this forum having problems with Pinnacle too. Not everyone but there is a few cases out there. The general consensus was that there were issues with certain versions and the many various PC configurations out there. If youre thinking about changing to a MAC because youre frustrated with your PC and Pinnacle, maybe try switching NLEs? I got my brother to finally do so and he has been happy ever since.


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