Bruce, Perhaps you can en



Perhaps you can enlighten me a little more.

Aside from media storage, I’ve heard a few different opinions on the different drives a video editor “should” have.

Here’s a list of them, in no particular order:

-Boot drive (obviously)

-SSD Write-cache drive (or whatever it’s called…)

-Render drive (is this what you’re calling the output drive?)

-project drive (reserved for current projects only)

…especially if I go with the HP workstation, I only have a limited amount of bays/connections to work with (3-4 I believe), so I can’t have a drive for everything. I definitely want a boot drive, which will also host the programs, documents, etc…. the C: drive. And aside from storage, I’m wondering: would it benefit me to go for the SSD-cache drive, or the dedicated Render drive?

Again, my work will be a healthy mix of HD editing, heavy VFX/SFX, motion graphics, and basic 3D animation (very basic). I will be using CS6 exclusively w/ a MPE-enabled GPU.

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