Bruce, what I like most ab


Bruce, what I like most about Twitter, and as opposed to Facebook which IMHO is even MORE of a potential nuisance, is that I CAN share short and sweet bits of info with certain select people I follow, and who follow me.

I started out thinking/feeling about the same as you – nuts! But I soon revised my thinking when I realized it really isn’t how many follow me, or how many I follow, it is the quality of information, topics, ideas and links that those whom I do follow have to offer.

When somebody starts getting wacky with it and posting 10 or so at a time, I simply stop following them. When somebody posts primarily elements of stupidity, I stop following them. When I believe that by adding a RT (repeating a useful twitter content) or doing a #FollowFriday (on Fridays a bunch of us recommend others we think might be worth following by using their name – @7Squared and others, and the reasons for following with a #FF or #FollowFriday designation.

It is a great way to promote others I enjoy reading or learning from, and promoting myself so long as I don’t get carried away with it. Working out who to follow, and who to allow to follow YOU, is the basic formula for Twitter satisfaction, I think.


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