Bruce, we all know there’s


Bruce, we all know there’s no ONE RIGHT WAY. I do like and have two matched units because I also do a LOT of event video production calling for at least two angles. However, most of my short segments for local cable, interviews, commercial productions, etc. while it is a bit more time consuming, I set up one camera for each of the angles I want. This redundant interview process not only gives me unique and controlled angles from the POV you indicate, but usually also results in one or the other of responses, questions, delivery, articulation, etc. to be clearer or better than the others. Aside from the occasional lip sync issues, this has worked for me, especially in tight spaces and when I’m the lone operator. I sometimes have to shift the lighting, and I agree that using three cameras, even lockdowns, with or without operators, and setting up all the lighting angles might prove an easier shoot, notwithstanding the setup involved, I like the approach I use as well. We’re all good, my friend. We’re all good. πŸ˜‰

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