Bruce, Of course you are c


Bruce, Of course you are correct. The VideoMaker team proves that with their informational videos. Cut aways are essential though, to maintain audience focus.

Computer-based training programs can take advantage of interactivity that DVDs or streaming video can’t offer. The software you use is up to you. I prefer Multimedia Fusion Developer and Dreamweaver. There are a multitude of software packages available. The beauty of these is that you can allow the user to navigate, take review quizzes and/or an end of module test. I like to add in a simple video game the student can play – if they score 100%.

You use what you have available. I am impressed with the creativity that you and the others have shown with the tools you’ve had at hand!

My main point (in this installment) is that storyboards are just as important in computer-based training development as they are for successful video planning.

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