Brian, I had the exact sa



I had the exact same problem with my 2100. I had the head serviced and that didn’t help. Then my church bought another 2100 and it did the same thing! Yikes!!

I’m embarrased to tell you what the problem was…but I know how frustrated you must be.

When you insert a new tape, be sure to close the tape lid in TWO STEPS, exactly as described on p.4 in the manual…that is, close the inner tray first, then close the outer door. DO NOT try to close it in one step by simply pusing the outer door shut.

When you insert the tape using only one step, it will apparently close properly, but the tape doesn’t get aligned. As soon as you record something, the tape will get scratched and will exibit the bars you’re talking about.

Throw out any tapes that are already showing bars, put in a brand new tape using the proper procedure, and I’ll bet your problem disappears.

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