Brian, As always, Earl lay



As always, Earl lays it out there like it is. Here’s a link to the video posted by Video Chick on her blog that nails this topic on the head.

I’ve heard every excuse in the video and more. Like Earl said, ‘get it all in writing’ and be advised: everything you discuss in e-mails, text’s and IM’s are considered admissible documents in court. So when discussing negotiation points, pricing and intended services to be rendered, stay on point. Keep everything accurate so that what you’ve discussed with the client is in compliance with what is in the written agreement. ‘Pay as you go’ is best, but you may not always be able to get those terms particularly if you are not the originator of the contract. No matter what terms you agree upon, stick to them to the letter and document it. If the client comes up ‘light’ and you end up in court, having documented your compliance with the contract will be your strongest defense.

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