Break every rule you can.


Break every rule you can. Those that won't break Keep.


I never edit anything.


If there is a nice sunrise or sunset. Start or end with that. Cuz they are beautiful.


Don't have any zoom when moving the camcorder.


I shoot lots of 1/8 mile drags. I stand down the track 3/4 way. With my wrist resting on the tripod. Zoomed in on the cars as they ready to start. I lift my wrist off and follow them while zooming back. I follow the lead car and if a pass is made I got it. These clips are from 10 to 15 seconds long.


Run with the camcorder or trott. Bend at the waste and hold the camcorder out front. That takes a lot of the bounce out.


I shot lots of trapline video and seldom looked in the view finder. My hands covered the camcorder to keep it from freezing up. I know where it is pointing. I needed to step over logs and while looking around saw and captured things that would have been missed looking in the screen.


Take your camcorder with you as much as possible. Any video is better than no video. Everytime.


One thing I learned from the trapline is "be like the weasel" pop here look there be on the move but slowly pan. The old style cameras were so heavy they couldn't do any of that stuff.


Shoot shoot and shoot more.


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